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Biji (Potato, Chili, Onion)

Posted by Geetha on December 11, 2008

This is a quick biji recipe and it tastes very good. We need only less ingredients and it’s very simple. This goes very well with ketchup, Red chili chutney. Here the recipe goes



Chili – 1

Potato – 1

Onion – 1

Gram flour – ½ cup

Chili powder – 1 tsp (depends on your taste)

Salt – to taste

Oil – to fry

Water – to make batter



Mix all the above ingredients except oil. It should be batter form (not too thick or too watery). Pour oil to ½ ‘inch to a pan. Once the oil is heated up, dip the chili, potato, onion into batter and dip to the oil. Allow 1 -2 mins on each side and flip it to other side. Once it turns into brown color take it out and serve hot with ketchup.

Note: – Same way you can do for bitter guard, cauliflower.


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