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Sweet Paniyaram

Posted by Geetha on December 14, 2008



Sooji or Rava – 1 cup

Maida – ¾ cup

Sugar – 1 cup

Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp

Oil – to fry

Water – ¼ cup + 3 tsp



Mix rava with water (thick paste, water shouldn’t stand on top of it). Keep this mixture for half an hour then add sugar, maida and cardamom powder and mix it well (if you need you can add very little water). The batter should be thick like vada batter.


Heat oil in a pan and once it is heated up add 1 tsp of batter/ thick paste to the oil and fry till it turns into golden brown.


3 Responses to “Sweet Paniyaram”

  1. Prathiba said

    I used to add a half ripe banana and make the batter more liquid..

  2. Prathiba said

    I dint have the paniyaram pan and I juz poured the batter in the heated oil .So it came to the shape more or less which you have posted.For me ,yours has a round shape .Don’t look for perfect diameter 🙂

  3. Geetha said

    yep i did this second time and got the shape.

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