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Appam with Coconut Milk

Posted by Geetha on December 20, 2008

Appam, a fermented rice pancake, is a specialty of the south Indian – mainly on kerala. Appam is served with mainly with coconut milk or with vegetable stew. Appam is cooked in Appam chatti.



For Appam:-

Raw rice – 1 cup
Idly rice – 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
Baking powder – ½ tsp (optional)
Shredded coconut – ¼ cup
Salt – to taste

Coconut Milk:-

Coconut – 1 (peel the skin)
Water – 3 – 5 Tsp
Sugar – 5 Tsp (required to your taste)
Cheese cloth – 1

Method: – (Appam)

Soak the rice with fenugreek for at least 5-7 hrs. Grind the coconut, soaked rice and make a batter. The batter should be watery then dosai batter. Once it is done add salt to the batter and allow to ferment (might be over night). Heat Appam pan and once it is heated up, pour one ladle of batter into the pan. Hold the two ends of the pan and swing it into circular form (rotate like clock-wise) to spread the batter.


Pour ½ tsp of oil to the edges of the appam. Close with a lid and leave this batter for few minutes to cook in a low flame. Take out the appam once it turns into golden brown under and the edge comes out of the pan. Serve them with coconut milk.

Method: – (coconut milk)

Grind the coconut by adding 1 Tsp of water and grind it well. Pour the mixture into a muslin cloth and squeeze out the coconut milk by pressing it. Add remaining water and grind the coconut mixture once again and squeeze out the milk. Finally add sugar and mix it well.



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