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Posted by Geetha on February 6, 2009



Drumstick- 3 pieces (cut into 1 ½ inch)
Yam(senai kizhangu)- 1 small piece
Beans- 8
Carrot- 1 medium sized
Brinjal- 2 small
Raw banana- 1
Potato- 1
Curry leaves- a few
Curd- ½ cup (well beaten)
Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Coconut oil- 3 tsp

To Grind:-

Coconut- 5 tsp
Cumin seeds- ½ tsp
Green chilies- 3 or acc to taste
Pepper- ¼ tsp


Cut all the vegetables into 1 ½ inch and keep aside. Heat water in a pan and add drumstick, salt and cook for 3 minutes and then add all other vegetables, turmeric, and cook without adding much water. Once it is done add the grounded paste and cook for 3 minutes and add the well beaten curd. Finally add coconut oil and few curry leaves and cook it for 2 minutes and serve hot with rice.

Note: – You can add any vegetables as per your choice.


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