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This site I have created to utilize my spare time. Here I have vegetarian, non-vegetarian, sweets and more recipes…I am planning to post lots of recipes & other cooking ideas which I am doing nowadays (mainly on Kongu style, Where I have grown up) and there will be recipes from other parts of the world too.

As I am not working currently and i am living in San Diego, U.S with my Husband , where as he is one who helped me to design this website and encourged me to post the recipes. As I love to try new recipes more and I will surely update those recipes too. I am not sure whether I can update on a daily basis, but surely I can update as many as possible. The recipes shared in this website are tested in my kitchen. I am not expert by any means but the recipes posted on this site are tired and enjoyed by my family.

The measurements of ingredients in each recipe can be changed by you, as everyone’s taste differs. Some like too hot, some moderate… so it depends on you. So please adjust them to your taste. If you like to change some ingredients, you can do it and feel free to share it with me and others. You may also find other health tips and cooking tips in this site (upcoming). All the images are taken at my home with tested in my kitchen.

Thank you all for visiting my website and please free to send me suggestions to make this site more useful to everyone. You can also share your recipes here.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. M.Devarajan said

    This is fantastic start and I am sure this will go along way in your personal life

  2. Prathiba said


    I would say its a great start..I juz stumbled on this and surprised at your recipes, pictures your clear categorization and lots of posts within a short time.Keep updating 🙂

  3. Geetha said

    Hi Prathiba,

    Nice to see your comments and thank you so much for visiting my site. Meanwhile, you can try my recipes too:)

  4. Prateek said

    Nice recipes….keep up the good job….

  5. Geetha said

    Thank you prateek

  6. Iniya said


    Can’t beleive its u!!! good start and keep goin..Hugs!!

  7. dnnelfsjo said

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  10. Vidya Vasanth said

    Wow great to know that u have a website too. Wonderful venture.
    I love ur cooking as it is and iam glad that i can try them now.

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