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Cooking Tips

 How to keep the vegetables fresh? And other cooking tips too:-

Fruits + Vegetables


v To keep the lemon fresh for longtime apply some edible oil over it before keeping it in the refrigerator

v Keep green chilies in a transparent cover or in a Ziploc and place it in the freezer. It will not be spoiled.

v Carrots can be kept fresh for long time in fridge by removing head and tail part of the carrot. 

v To preserve ladies finger remove the tail of the lady finger n u can store for many days they remain fresh for a long time. 

v Remove the stick of the green chili and mix a few drop of mustard oil. It will remain longer times than normal preservation.

v Keep the ginger in freezer by taking out the skin and cover it in a tissue paper and place it in a Ziploc cover.

v Cut the bottom of the coriander bunch and place it in a bowl and wash it in running water. Make sure that there is no sand. Let the water drain completely (it takes 3-5mins). Now place a paper towel at the base of the box/zip lock bag first and then the coriander leaves. Place another paper towel on top. The coriander leaves generally wilt because of the water. So, by placing paper towel above and below the coriander leaves.. the paper absorbs the excess water and therefore the leaves remain fresh longer.
Same way use for Mint leaves.

v Try to use Olive oil in your food, it reduces the cholesterol. I always use olive oil in my food.

v A delicious alternative to whipped cream is a mashed banana added to the white of an egg. Beat it stiff to look like whipped cream.

v Instead of tamarind, you can use slices of raw mango in meat and fish curries or dal.

v Don’t cut apples pieces too thin when you are using fresh apples. Larger chunks will hold together and have more apple flavor. 

v If Bread loaves and rolls that are heavy and soggy in the middle when everything else has been done right, maybe the unit weight is too heavy. Try making the pieces smaller and let them rise longer. 

v Get into the habit of measuring the oil you use while you cook, rather than just pouring it out of the bottle. It will be much easier to moderate the amount you use.

v Use non-stick cookware so that you don’t have to use as much, if any, fat.

v Store cheese in your refrigerator, which approximates the temperature of aging rooms. Keep it wrapped tightly in plastic, away from air. Air helps mold grow on cheese. If you get a little mold on the outside, just cut it off. The English say if mold won’t eat your cheddar it can’t taste very good.





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