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Recipe Index

Appetizers & Snacks:

onion rings  sundal   Pazham Pori

      Onion rings                              Chick Peas sundal               Pazham Pori 

     More Appetizers & snacks >>

Chappathi & Rotis’  

Luchi   Chilli Chappathi    Parotta

Luchi & Channa              Chilli Chappathi                  Parotta

     More Rotis’ >>

 Dosai & Uthappam Varities:

MoongDal Dosai         uthappam

Moong Dal Dosai            Uthappam

More Dosai Varities >>

Breakfast Dishes

upma     Venn Pongal

Vegetable Upma             Venn Pongal

More Breakfast Dishes >>

Egg Dishes:

Egg gravy                Egg

Muttai Puli Kolumbu                    Egg Gravy

 More Egg Dishes >>

Vegetarian Gravies:

bottle gourd koftas                   Brinjal mash              

Bottle gourd koftas                Brinjal Mash      

More Vegetarian Gravies >>

Vegetarian Subjis’ :

Chilli paneer           gobi 65

Chilli Paneer                          Gobi 65

More Vegetarian Subjis’ >>

Dals  & Pulses Recipes:


dal                      vendaya keerai       

Dal with Tomato Gravy              Vendaya Keerai

More Dals & Pulses Gravies >>

Non- Veg Gravies & Curries:

Fish gravy

Fish Gravy

More Non- Veg Dishes >>

Rice Dishes:

  Egg briyani           Sambar rice             tomato rice       

   Egg Biriyani                    Sambar Rice                      Tomato Rice

More Rice Dishes >>

Sweets and Desserts:

jamun   flan    pudding

   Gulab Jamun                          Creamy Caramel Flan          Summer Berry Pudding

More Sweets & Desserts >>

International Recipes:

sandwiches                      pizza

Chicken Salad Sandwiches            Vegetabke Pizza  

More International Dishes >>


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